Teenagers​/​LifeWithout Split EP

by Teenagers & LifeWithout

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Both sides of the split were recorded, mixed, and mastered between July & October of 2016.


released October 31, 2016

The Teenagers side of the split was recorded by Troy Vanderhoef at Blasphemy Studios while the LifeWithout side was recorded by Ryan Wasoba at Bird Cloud Studios. Both sides were mixed by Ryan Wasoba at Bird Cloud Studios. Both sides were mastered by Joel Hatstat at Joel Hatstat Audio.



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Noise makers from The Greater St. Louis area (Alton, IL)

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Track Name: LifeWithout - Loose Leaf
I've bitten my fingers to the bone. I've gotten too stoned. I don't know why I keep doing this. I can't pull out of this tail spin. I think I'll just crash and burn, oh god, it sounds so nice, I think I'll do it again. This dour mood has got to be my muse, my sick addiction, it's the only reason I am missing every chance to make myself feel complete. Instead, id rather choose to tear myself down at my feet. And as I fall I'll hold out my arms and let them collapse, and wrap myself tight as I burn away into the night, like an effigy, made out of wicker and of spite.
Track Name: LifeWithout - The Sound of Sleep
Where has my lust for life gone? I used to enjoy the sound of cars passing by my windowsil. The feeling of my feet against the carpet but my feet never reach, my ears never hear, my stomach feels sick, my heart barely beats. I have sunken deep, deeper still. For I know not hoe far I will go, only that when you're with me I am oh so distraught, and that you haven't left me since I swore up and down that your words were fake, that the sentiment was misplaced. Confused, can't wrap my mind around it. The thought of being chained to this place, it makes me need to get out even more. And so I walk knowing my feet walk to a door, and I've never heard your voice or seen your face, and I oft wonder of the colors that would show as light hit the pigment. Like a stained glass window, now only a figment of a life once lost, of a life once lived.