LifeWithout​/​Oakwood Estate Split EP

by LifeWithout and Oakwood Estate

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LW/OE split EP recorded & engineered with Ryan Wasoba at Bird Cloud Studios Edwardsville, IL in 2015
cover art by Ian Whitmore


released September 8, 2015



all rights reserved



Noise makers from The Greater St. Louis area (Alton, IL)

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Track Name: LifeWithout - Aphasia
I need to get some sleep; I've been up for days. I locked myself up tight, just to close my eyes, and drift away but instead I just toss and turn thinking about every conversation I've burned into my head. And I've been drinking, and now I'm pacing again. My fingers are in knots but I can't seem to shake them, this weakness in my stomach begs me to take more medication, but I'd rather just fight it off. This flu, this illness, these feelings, I'll fight them off. I'll ignore them until they get worse. But then my fingers break. bones shredding through the skin, They couldn't take the pressure my one track mind had put on them. And I don't feel a thing, I swear I don't feel them bleeding. I just feel my head pulsing, my lungs compress as I exhale my remaining breathe. My pupils dilate as the sun sets but I can't remember day fading into night. I have lost control, just how many times did this car roll? Or how I got pulled, how I got here as familiar faces lean down on me and fade to grey as the shadows from the corner of my eyes creep all the way over and they blind me now I'm cold. How long have I been here, how old have I grown? And I swear I can hear the sirens. I swear I hear them calling out my name, but I can't make my lips move. I can't feel a thing, I'm too young to die.
Track Name: LifeWithout - Vows
Heavy eyelids, gasping breathes are just two of the habits I've picked up since you've left. An empty bed sporting the same sheets to remind myself of all the sex I'm not having. The sour smell of depression still hangs through the air as I tear through the days of the week for I know just how sick I can get, and just how far I'll sink. Cocooned inside my head my vulnerability is armored and I'm cupping my hands around the same flame that I've set upon your picture time and time again I snuff it out, I always give in. I always give. And maybe one day will be someday and then maybe we can work this out, but instead I think I'd rather call it a day and walk away. And I'm cooling my tongue to the touch of your name, and my lips are chapped from kissing the wind of your wave goodbye. And now the warmth, you're just a memory, a wavering wound, I close my eyes.